Dr. Mircea Miclea

* Professor, Ph.D., the Department of Psychology, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


Evidence-based psychotherapy, cognitive psychology, and cognitive science. Posdoctoral training at (a) the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies (1998), Fellow in Residence, Wassenaar, The Netherlands and (b) the New Europe College (1997), Fellowship, Bucharest, Romania. Certified in cognitive-behavioral therapies.

Relevant publications:

Miclea, M. (2004). Cognitive-behavioral modifications. ASCR Press: Cluj-Napoca.
Miclea, M., Olteanu, A.I., & Miu, A.C. (2004). A behavioral and ultrastructural dissection of the interference of aluminium with aging. Journal of Altzheimer’s Disease, 6, no. 3.
Miclea, M., (2004). “Learning To Do” as a Pillar of Education and Its Links to Entrepreneurial Studies in Higher Education: European Contexts and Approaches. Higher Education in Europe, 29, no. 2.
Miclea, M. (1995). Analyse de l’approche pratiqueé entre 1950 et la fin des anneés quatre vingt dans les pays de l’Europe de l’Est: le cas de la Roumanie in S. Ionescu (ed.) La déficience intelectuelle, tom 2, Nathan, Paris.

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