Virtual Reality Therapy Platform

Our Virtual Reality Therapy Platform is the first one in Romania and one of the most advanced in the world. It consists of a Center for Virtual Reality Therapy and a Virtual Reality Laboratory, with the “state of the art” equipments (e.g., cave systems) and human resourses (trained professionals).

Virtual reality therapy (VRT) is a technological development in psychotherapy that uses virtual reality for:

  1. (neuro) psychological assessment;
  2. treatment of mental disorders or other clinical conditions, which have in their etiopathogenesis psychological factors (including rehabilitation programs); and
  3. for health promotion.

Virtual reality integrates real time computer processing, body tracking, interface devices, and sensory displays to immerse a participant in a computer generated simulated environment.

In collaboration with professional companies like “Virtually Better”, USA (Ken Graap), “Imprintit”, USA (Dr. Howard Rose) etc. and academic settings like the “Institute for Creative Technology”, USA (Dr. Albert Rizzo), we have set up an advanced “Virtual Reality Therapy Research and Clinical Program” here at the Institute.

At this moment we are focusing on using virtual reality therapy – in research and/or clinical settings – for the assessment and treatment of various anxiety disorders (e.g., specific and social phobias, PTSD), substance abuse and dependence disorders, ADHD, pain, psychotic and delusional disorders, eating disorders etc., in both children and adults. Please see below some of the virtual systems (e.g., virtual classroom) we use in our work at present.

The Platform is headed by Dr. Daniel DAVID. For more info. about our current research and clinical activities and/or about professional collaborations please contact him at

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