Dr. Daniel David

Brief CV Daniel David

I. Present academic position:

Current address: Babeş-Bolyai University, Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, No. 37 Republicii St., 400015, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Phone number, e-mail address: + 40 264 434141 (office), daniel.david@ubbcluj.ro

II. Research interests

Current research is focused on the role of cognitive mechanisms, both explicit (e.g., autobiographical memory) and implicit (e.g., implicit memory; priming) in generating subjective/emotional (cognition-emotion relation), behavioral, and psycho-physiological human responses, more specifically, on the role of (a) rational/functional and irrational/dysfunctional beliefs and (b) response hopes and/or expectancies on various psychological and medical outcomes related to cancer and mental health. When clinical trials are used as research instruments the analysis employed is typically multilevel, concerning: (1) outcomes (i.e., efficacy and/or effectiveness); (2) theory/mechanism of change (psychological and neurobiological/genetic); and (3) economical aspects (e.g., cost-effectiveness, cost-utility). A specific research interest is related to the theory and practice of cognitive hypnosis/hypnotherapy as part of the cognitive neuroscience paradigm and the use of technological developments in psychotherapy, and other fields as physical development, where they use developed devices as exercises machines or a pilates ball to improve physical condition and development.

Key words: clinical cognitive sciences; psychology and technology (robotherapy, virtual reality therapy), cognitive unconscious (unconscious information processing), rational-emotive & cognitive-behavioral therapy, clinical psychology, evolutionary psychology, genetic counseling.

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