PsyTech Center for Robotics/Robotherapy and Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Enhanced Therapy & Psychological Interventions (Matrix Platform)

The MATRIX Platform is the core part of the International Institute for the Advanced Studies of Psychotherapy and Applied Mental Health. The platform includes multiple laboratories and technologies focusing on the integration of psychology and technology as means of promoting evidence-based mental health services, which represent one of the main research directions of the Institute.

The Matrix Platform is coordinated by Professor, PhD., Oana David. Dr. Raluca Georgescu acts like technical and administrative support/consultant. The Matrix Platform includes several key laboratories:

(1) The „Holodeck – Star Trek” Laboratory & The Virtual Cube (coordinator: Professor Ph.D. Daniel David). The following members are part of this lab: Dr. Radu Șoflău & Dr. Răzvan Predatu. The laboratory includes an EON Reality ICube system with four projection walls. The system projects 3D images that are perceptible through active shutter glasses, at a frequency of 96Hz. Interaction with the user is naturally established through an infrared-based Natural Point tracking system. It also includes a Holopodium lab. (co-coordinated with the Associated Professor, PhD., Simona Ștefan).

(2) The „Robot-Based Therapy” Laboratory (coordinator: Professor Ph.D. Daniel David). The following members are part of this lab: Dr. Radu Șoflău & Dr. Răzvan Predatu, Narcis Galatanu. The lab is equipped with several therapeutic robots (e.g., NaoEvolution, Pleo, Keepon, Romibo, Robonova) that are employed for delivering robots-mediated psychological interventions.

(3) The „Digital Affective Technologies for Therapy and Assessment” Laboratory (DATA Lab, coordinator: Professor Ph.D. Oana David). The following members are part of this lab: Dr. Liviu Fodor, Dr. Silviu Matu, Cristina Lorint, Ioana Iuga, Vasile Sarbu. The laboratory is equipped with virtual reality and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) that allow for the development and testing of innovative mobile applications designed for delivering mental health interventions. The lab has developed a series of online and mobile interventions aimed towards the preventions of emotional disorders in children and adolescents (the REThink therapeutic online game, Rethink Parenting program) as well as in the adult population.(e.g., PsyPills app).

(4) The „Digital Enhanced Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies for Children, Adolescents and ParentsLaboratory (coordinator: Professor Ph.D. Anca Dobrean). The following members are part of this lab: Lecturer dr. Costina Păsărelu, Dr. Raluca Bălan, Dr. Raluca Georgescu. The lab includes an HMD „Virtual Classroom” VR system that can be used for the diagnostic and treatment of ADHD. The laboratory has developed and is administrating multiple online platforms aimed towards both prevention and intervention for emotional and behavioral problems in children and adolescents (e.g., REBTonAdADHDCoach). It has an external unit also on the Fântânele Platform.


The PsyTech-Babes-Bolyai Psychology Clinic – coordinator Professor Ph.D. Oana David


(1) Applied Clinical Psychology Lab. (shared with the Institute for Research-Development-Innovation in Applied Natural Sciences  ( – coordinator: Professor, PhD., Aurora Szentagotai

(2) Laboratory for psychological engineering and technologies (in Cluj Innovation Park) – coordinator: Professor Ph.D. Daniel David

(3) eHealth Center (shared with the UBB STAR Institute) – coordinator: Professor, PhD., Anca Dobrean



Robots-based interventions

Cubul Virtual


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