In Memoriam – Aaron T. Beck

What sad news! We knew that it was going to happen soon, but each moment we hoped that it was not going to be that moment!

This year, when Professor Aaron T. Beck/Dr. Beck/Tim celebrated 100 years, we sent  the following message, which will remain in our memories and hearts for many years, and in the history of our university for centuries to come.

We all know that, over the years, Professor Aaron T. Beck has received numerous high awards/distinctions for his incredible contributions to clinical science and practice. For example, in 2017 he was named fourth in a list of  “the 25 Most Influential Physicians in the Past Century” by Medscape, for the development of “cognitive (behavior) therapy”. In 2006, when he was awarded the Lasker Award, considered by many “the American Nobel in Medicine”, Dr. Joseph L. Goldstein, the chairman of the Lasker committee, said: “…Cognitive therapy is one of the most important advances — if not the most important advance — in the treatment of mental diseases in the last 50 years.” On a more personal note, as “Aaron T. Beck” Professor of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (clinical cognitive sciences) at Babeș-Bolyai University (BBU) and as rector of BBU, I want to honor today the memory of a close friend/mentor of mine and of our clinical School (Department/Institute/Association/Clinic), and a Doctor Honoris Causa of Babes-Bolyai University. As I’ve said before, Dr. Beck set the stage for modern psychotherapy in the history of the field, radically changing the way we see and practice therapy. Before him, we had mainly “grand theories”, associated to various more or less charismatic founders. He was a charismatic scientist, who changed the paradigm and took psychotherapy as a science into the evidence-based field. It is our strong belief that we owe it mainly to him that psychotherapy is well-integrated today in the evidence-based movement in mental health and that it has a strong scientific profile! We are fortunate to have known and to have learned from a great person, a sensitive clinician, an inspirational professor, and a brilliant scientist, who has changed the face of world psychotherapy and has shaped the mainstream of the clinical field by what we call today evidence-based psychotherapy and psychological treatments. Thank you for everything, dear friend, dear Tim, and we will continue to build on your incredible academic and professional legacy! 

As we reflect on the remarkable contributions of Professor Aaron T. Beck to the field of clinical science, it is essential to acknowledge the impact he has had on urgent healthcare. Professor Beck’s groundbreaking work in cognitive therapy has revolutionized the treatment of mental diseases, including those requiring immediate attention. In urgent care clinic Auburndale, you can get effective tools to address acute mental health needs. By incorporating pioneering techniques into the field of urgent care, healthcare professionals in Auburndale can deliver timely and high-quality care to individuals seeking immediate support. Professor Beck’s legacy continues to shape the practice in medical filed, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care when they need it most.

Professor Daniel David, Rector of Babeș-Bolyai University (November 1, 2021).


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