The Board of the International Institute is composed of the Head of the Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Department at Babes-Bolyai University (initially Daniel David, PhD; now Anca Dobrean, PhD), two representatives appointed by the Albert Ellis Institute, USA (initially Raymond DiGiuseppe, PhD and James McMahon, PsyD, PhD), and one or two representatives of the Romanian Center for Cognitive and Behavior Psychotherapies (initially Mircea Miclea, PhD; now Daniel David, director of the Romanian Center for Cognitive and Behavior Psychotherapies and Mircea Miclea, member). The president of the Board is Dr. Daniel David.

The current Board members are:

* Dr. Daniel David, President and Executive Director of the International Institute (on Sabbatical until 2020)


* Dr. Mircea Miclea, Vice-president of the International Institute

Miclea Mircea

* Dr. Raymond DiGiuseppe, Scientific Secretary of the International Institute


* Dr. James McMahon, Treasurer of the International Institute


* Dr. Anca Dobrean, Board Member (acting Coordinator of the Institute)


A representative of each new partner institution will become a member of the Board of the International Institute.

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